Aircraft Type Detials

Below is a list of the aircraft types operated by 24 Squadron compiled by Simon Batchelor as at 09-Feb-2004. New serials have confirmed by checking Squadron records at the Public Record Office in Kew.

Maker Type Mark Serials References
Airspeed Envoy   L7270 Still in use 20/05/42
  Oxford   P8832,P8833 H p119, SRAF p209
Armstrong Siskin IIIA J8869 Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft
Whitworth Ensign   G-ADTB, G-ADST A/W Aircraft, E flight 15/5/40
Avro 504 J C4451 A 11/85
  Tutor   K6120, K1234 Avro A/C by Roger Jackson
  Anson MkI K6290, NK710 Avro A/C by Harry Holmes
  Lancastrian C Mk2 VL967-981,VM701-704,725-738 701 round the world, ARAF p355, La p77
  York Mk1 MW232, LV633 Ascalon Avro A/C by R. Jackson, La p75
  Anson Mk10 NK703 Avro A/C by Harry Holmes
Beech 17 Staggerwing DR628  
Blackburn Botha 1   L6128 For use photographing new US aircraft
  Roc   L3102*, L3120* *=A Flight destroyed by E/A 07/10/40
Bleriot XI   293  
Brewster Buffalo   W8131 to W8137 possibly  
Bristol Scout   5314  
  FB2 Coupe H1460 But p86
  F2B MkIII J8430 FR, But p87
  Bulldog   K2209  
  142   K7557  
  Bombay   L5836  
Caudron G2      
Curtis JN4   B1934  
  SBC4 Cleveland AS468* A Flight destroyed by E/A 07/10/40
        ARAF p362
DeHavilland DH2   5964, A2540 A 11/95, red wheel discs
  DH4   Possible  
  DH5   A9435 H p46
  DH9A   J7079, J7089(DC),J7314 Cranwell Page25
  DH60M Moth K1838,K1839,K1849, A10/78
  DH82 Tiger moth K2583, K2568, K4277*, K4284* K p346, H p92
  DH83 Fox Moth X9305, X9304 DH Putnam p323
  DH84 Dragon DJ716 DH Putnam p328
  DH85 Leopard Moth   DH Putnam p389, H p105
  DH86B   L7596,N6246,AX795 H p109, DRF p's 32 & 42
      X9338, L8037, L8040 Cranwell Page30
  DH87A Hornet Moth HM498, W9390, G ADJZ, X9321  
  DH89 Rapide K5070, P1734, P7258 H p99, DRF p's74 & 76
  DH93 Don L2394 DH Putnam p389, H p105
  DH95 Flamingo R2765 A06/85,12/85,02/89, H p116
Douglas DC3 Ex SABENA OO-AUX, OO-AUI E Flight 15/05/40
  C47 Dakota 1 FD772 Plus see AM H p128, AM, SUM03.AUT03
  C54 Skymaster EW999 Overall silver
Fairey 111F   J9061,K1115 A11/85,Profile 44,HistRAF P63
        Fairey in Photographs, But p88
Farnam Longhorn      
  Shorthorn   1525?  
Fokker FXX11   HM159, (HM160) HM159 used on Belfast run
General Aircraft Cygnet   DG566, One of these used as a tricycle trainer
        AR Aut03
Gloster Gladiator MkII N5902 Warpaint p22
Grumman Goose   MV993 SAMI 05/03, SAM extract p73
        ARAF p367
Handley Page Hastings C Mk1a TG582, TG339 ,A08/03,Aviation World Sum03
    C2   A/C Ill. Extra No17
Hawker Hart(C)   K2456 A02/89,05/89
  Hart   K3001 A07/95, H p98,K p35
  Tomtit   K1782,J9772 K p350
  Audax   K2008  
  Hind   K6814 A Flight destroyed by E/A 07/10/40
Heston Phoenix   X2891,X9338,X9393  
Lockheed 10A   W9104 - W9106 H p118, 24/04/40
  12   LA619, X9316 City of Salisbury 04/05/42
  Hudson   N7363 A07/85
  Hudson Transport N7364 A02/85,07/85,12/85
        p405 B. Blenheim comp. History
        Sam extract p75
  Hercules C1 XV215  
Martinsyde S1      
Messerschmitt bf108   AW167,DK208,ES955  
Miles Nighthawk   L6846 ARAF p370, AR Aut03
  Mentor   L4394,L4397,L4400*,L4404 ARAF p370, BAp75, AR Aut03
  Magister   L5931,L8208,L8209  
  Whitney Straight    
  Hawk Major   BD108,DG590,HL538,NF752?  
Parnall Heck III R9138 K p440
Percival Q6 Petrel P3634-P3640, P5636 SAM Vol2no2, AE71
  Proctor   P6129,DX321  
  Vega Gull   L7272, P1749 ARAF p372, A 03/83
  P10C Vega P5993 Percival's Aircraft
RAF BE2C   2687  
RAF SE5a   C1057, F5459,D6998 IEA 184
Savioa Marchetti SM73 Ex Sabena OO-A6X,OO-A6Y,OO-A6Z Pass version of SM81, IEA p4057
  SM83     E Flight 15/05/40
Sopwith Snipe   F2409  
Supermarine Spitfire I X4561  
Stinson Reliant   W7981, W7878 A01/93
Vickers FB5   2341  
  Vimy   F9152, F8640 J p190
  Wellington 1A P2522  
  Wellington C.XVI N2875,P2522,N2990 H p124,BA p108
  Viking C1A VL246  
    C2 VL203  
  Valetta C Mk1    
Westland Wapiti 1A J9095 Profile no32,FR
  Lysander   R2622  
Wicko Warferry   HM497,HM499 A/C Ill. Extra No13

A= Aeroplane Monthly, IEA= Ill. Ency. Of Aircraft, FR= Flight Royal, DRF= Dragon Rapide Family
SAM= Scale Aircraft Modelling, SAMI= Scale Aviation Modelling International, Pro= Profile, H= Hendon Aerodrome
AE= Air Enthusiast,Aeromilitaria=AM, Archive= AR, J file = J, K file= K, L =L File, But = But not in anger
SRAF=Source Book of the RAF, ARAF=Putnams Aircraft of the RAF,BA= Brit. A/C @ War 1939/45, La= Lancaster


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